Creativity is experimentings, growing,

taking risks, breaking rules,

making mistake and having fun.

I organize and carry out photo shoots and videos that help small or large businesses to communicate their work, the products made and the people who collaborate in all this.

I am originally from Italy and I move throughout it and foreign countries. Usually I work with a network of collaborators who support me when the job requires more professional figures or techniques, from assistants, make-up, audio technicians, cinematographer and art-director

I provide my knowledge and experience to help you create useful content that supports your products and your company, but also to provide technical advice to improve your digital and traditional paper brand-idendity.

Professional skills

Work in team 100%
Lifestyle photography 80%
Videomaker 80%
Fashion photography 70%
Ecommerce photography 100%
Still life photography 100%
Graphic designer 80%
Life for the
Movie and series

My knowledge is the result of hours and hours of study and time in front of the computer, sometimes sacrificing time with family and friends. Tutorials, courses, desperate calls to colleagues to understand how to solve a problem and, the classic “tweak” have helped me in all this. I’m always looking for new ideas, new contacts, new collaborations and jobs.

Do you want begin a work together?

Netherlands: Louwesweg 1, 1066 EA Amsterdam
Italy: Via Zanchetta 13, Cassola, Vicenza
NL (+31) 0623659633
IT (+39) 340 1047135